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Hi, I'm Denise Thorsson
Cumberland, Maine
Town Councilor

Send your Town-related questions, concerns, or ideas to dthorsson[at]cumberlandmaine[dot]com! Tap this banner to sign up for the Cumberland Crier and Town alerts.

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twin brook recreation area in cumberland maine

My Mission

Serve our community.
Help strengthen our future.
Be a good human.

As a US Air Force veteran, my commitment to service extends into active involvement with Cumberland's local service organizations, civic affairs, and sustainability efforts. Grounded in integrity, diligence, and collaboration, I aim to represent every segment of our community through transparency, active engagement, and equal treatment. My goal is to help ensure that our town's future is shaped by our collective values and aspirations.
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What I Bring

  • My service in the Air Force ingrained a deep commitment to integrity, guiding my approach to life, work, and public service. I strive to do what is ethically right, even when difficult. As a Town Councilor, I would carry this commitment into every decision and interaction. This includes transparency in communication and a resolute adherence to principles, regardless of external pressures, ensuring that the community can trust and rely on my actions and intentions.

  • I'm known for my attention to detail and approach every task with a mindset that no stone should be left unturned. This diligence ensures I consider all possible options and outcomes, aiming to make the most informed and effective decisions for our community. My commitment to thorough research and careful consideration of details would be instrumental in addressing the complex issues facing Cumberland, from fiscal management to community development, ensuring that every decision is well-founded and forward-thinking.

  • I bring energy and excitement to my roles, driven by a genuine passion for innovation and community service. By maintaining a growth and learning mindset, I actively jump in with both feet when presented with a task, eager to explore new ideas and approaches that can benefit our town. As a Town Councilor, my drive to encourage progress and embrace innovative solutions would help Cumberland grow sustainably, ensuring that our community not only adapts to change but thrives in it.

  • I am committed to ensuring that every segment of our town is heard and supported equally. My approach is to actively listen to the concerns of all residents, thoughtfully considering diverse opinions even when consensus is challenging. Advocacy is about considering the collective wisdom of our community, respecting the voices of both long-standing residents and those new to Cumberland, and striving for decisions that benefit the entire community equitably.

  • Understanding the unique dynamics between the Town Council, the school district, and our neighboring towns, it's important to build cooperative relationships and actively work to break down silos as much as possible. With Cumberland undergoing significant transitions, the need for collaboration, compromise, and synergy is perhaps more critical now than ever before.


    My existing working relationships with school board and Council members and stakeholders across Cumberland position me well to advocate for enhanced cooperation and mutual understanding. In these times of change, promoting diverse perspectives and collaborative discussions ensures we achieve balanced outcomes that reflect the true needs and aspirations of our entire community, while responsibly managing community resources.

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