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Candidates in 7-way race for 3 Cumberland council seats talk taxes and more

Northern Forecaster

28 May 2024

Excerpt from full article:

Denise Thorsson is a systems engineer and was previously a Chinese language analyst with the U.S. Air Force. She moved to Cumberland in 2022.
Managing growth “responsibly” and fostering open communication with residents would be her top priorities if elected.
She’s in favor of “smart” growth, which she said entails clustering growth in areas where there are services and preserving more rural parts of the town. She is also in favor of expanding “housing variety” and “opening our view of what housing can look like.” Specifically, that could mean promoting accessory dwelling units, manufactured homes and even home sharing, she said.
She also talked about designating areas for growth and reviewing existing ordinances to “see if we can get out of our own way to allow residents to create their own housing in their own existing neighborhoods.”
She called for deed and resale restrictions on affordable housing developments to keep them affordable.
When it comes to managing the budget and property taxes, Thorsson is looking for the town to develop its commercial tax base. She also wants Cumberland to actively pursue grants, undertake fundraising, and leverage tax increment financing to fund projects. She also called for greater collaboration with the school during budget season.

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