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Letter: Thorsson a standout among Cumberland council candidates

Northern Forecaster

28 May 2024

We are writing to endorse Denise Thorsson as an at-large candidate for the Cumberland Town Council. We did not know Thorsson prior to attending the Candidates Night. We were impressed by her knowledge of the town issues. Among the candidates, she stood out as someone who is involved in Cumberland in many positive ways, as someone who does her homework (i.e., one of the few candidates who understood what a TIF is) and as someone who cares deeply about Cumberland. She exudes energy, has a grounded set of values (see her web page), and she is committed to making our community a better place.

As two people who have been involved in Cumberland’s public life for 40 years, we are encouraged to see someone like Denise Thorsson willing to step up to the challenge.

Ron and Sally Bancroft


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