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See You at the Orchard on May 5th!

As we get closer to our Town Arbor Day celebration and tree planting event (see attached flyer) let's talk about the Cumberland Community Orchard (CCO) and how it supports Smart Growth in Cumberland:

  • Preservation of Open Spaces: The Orchard helps preserve green space, increase biodiversity, helps maintain rural character, and links to Cumberland's agricultural history.

  • Community Engagement and Cohesion: Once established, the Orchard will serve as a hub for community events, promoting volunteerism and cultivating a strong community spirit. ("Cultivating" ... see what I did there?)

  • Environmental Education and Stewardship: The CCO provides hands-on learning opportunities in sustainable agriculture and conservation, equipping our residents with the skills needed to apply successful techniques to their own properties. Think of all the little food forests, fruit trees, and pollinator havens we'll have around town!

  • Local Food Production and Security: By producing free-to-pick fresh, local fruits, nuts, herbs, and veggies, the CCO will reduce food miles, strengthen our food security, and offer nutritional benefits to residents at no cost.

  • Use of Underutilized Lands: The Orchard is helping to make efficient use of underdeveloped Town land adjacent to the brush dump. Additionally, the CCO could even serve as a "native tree nursery" for the Lands and Conservation Committee's Forestry or Invasives subcomittees. It could have dedicated space to grow young native trees for transplantation in Town forests previously overrun by invasive species. Using the Orchard for this purpose would be a massive cost savings.

  • Health and Recreation: Gardening is good for you! The CCO provides a space for volunteerism, activity, and relaxation, promoting healthier lifestyles and mental well-being.

The Cumberland Community Orchard is a reflection of our Town's committment to sustainability and is a valuable addition to town planning.

I hope to see you at our planting event. Let's get our hands dirty for a good cause!



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