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Transparency & Collaboration

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I want to expand on the subject of transparency and collaboration and value input from others. I hope you'll provide feedback in the comments and share ideas of how you'd like the Council to increase transparency and community involvement.


I love writing reports, synthesizing information in a more digestible way, tracking things, making lists, organizing, etc. I think the Town Council and community as a whole would benefit significantly from a Projects page on the Town website's that tracks both short and long-term projects individually and aggregates the relevant meeting minutes, documents, important dates, deadlines, and community feedback into a single location that is updated frequently. I would jump in and take on that task in a heartbeat as your Town Councilor!

Projects can span years and move slowly, and sometimes it seems like a major decision along the timeline arrives, and the community feels like it's been sprung on them or pushed through quickly. That's an issue with consistent communication and ease of information access, and it's completely preventable. There should be no surprises, and the onus shouldn't be on the community to do the legwork and sift through mountains of fragmented data to have a complete picture.

I LIKE sifting through data and organizing it, but I don't blame others for not sharing my weird hobbies.

There are potentially endless things to consider when making decisions. I operate by analyzing things systematically, weighing costs and benefits from a financial and practical angle but also a human angle, considering the impacts to Cumberland as a whole, and involving abutters and those impacted by decisions early and often.


Please share your thoughts on Town Council transparency / information access or any other community subject. I could talk about this stuff all day, but I want to hear from you!

Do you find it easy to locate info related to current or past Town Council projects?

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How do you prefer to receive information from the Town of Cumberland?

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You can vote for more than one answer.

Visit and consider watching Meet the Candidates to learn more about my background and priorities beyond this blog post, and please remember to vote! Thank you.



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