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Here is a compilation of currently available tax relief and assistance programs for Cumberland's senior homeowners and renters, plus eligibility criteria.

Town of Cumberland

The Town of Cumberland maintains the Senior Tax Assistance Program (tax refund payments) for eligible individuals who meet the following criteria. Applications are available in late July of each year:

  • Age 70 and older

  • Homestead in the Town of Cumberland

  • Resident of the Town of Cumberland for at least 10 years

  • Combined household income does not exceed $91,000

Federal & State

State Property Tax Deferral Program

  • At least 65 years old or unable to work due to a disability

  • Owners have combined liquid assets of less than $150,000 ($100,000 if a single owner) and combined income of less than $80,000

  • Liquid assets include: bank accounts and CDs, money market and mutual funds, life insurance policies, stocks and bonds, and lump sum payments and inheritances


Property Tax Fairness Credit

Available to eligible homeowners and renters who meet the following requirements:

  • Maine resident during any part of the tax year

  • Owned or rented a home in Maine during any part of the tax year and lived in that home during the year as a primary residence

  • Paid property tax (or had taxes paid on behalf) or rent on the primary residence in Maine during the tax year

  • Met certain income and property tax and/or rent paid limitations during the tax year

  • Not married filing separately


Homestead Exemption

  • Permanent Maine residents with a permanent residence in Maine for at least 12 months prior to date of application (on or before April 1st each year) receive an exemption of $25,000


Maine Veteran Property Tax Exemption (also for Widowed Spouses, Minor Child, or Widowed Parent)

  • Veterans who have reached the age of 62 and who have served in a federally recognized war period, as well as 100% disabled veterans are eligible for a $6,000 exemption


Paraplegic Veteran Property Tax Exemption 

  • Veterans who received a federal grant for a specially adapted housing unit may receive a $50,000 exemption


Blind Persons Exemption from Local Property Taxes

  • Those determined to be blind by a licensed Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathy or Doctor of Optometry receive a $4,000 exemption

Renewable Energy Investment Exemption

  • Exempts renewable energy equipment, such as solar panels, from property tax beginning April 1, 2020 - Taxpayers must apply for the credit by April 1 of the first year the exemption is requested

*Partial exemptions must be adjusted by the municipality's certified assessment ratio.

*All of the above exemptions require completion of an application to the local town office where the property is located. Exemption claims may require additional information to support the claim for exemption, and must be delivered to the Assessor's office no later than April 1.

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Did YouKnow?

The Town of Cumberland, by ordinance, may establish a property tax relief program to compensate seniors up to $1,415 annually for volunteerism to the Town.

This tax-free income would incentivize seniors to engage in community volunteer work, help combat loneliness, and directly reduce their property tax burden.

I've encouraged the Town to explore this option and would support considering its implementation as a member of the Town Council.

This initiative represents just one of many options the Town can pursue to help support our seniors age in place as Cumberland continues to grow and develop.

Senior Tax Resources

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